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Makers of New Age, Metaphysical, Paranormal, Supernatural & Rainbow Pride Stuff!

C. Green is also an Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, Psychic, Healer,

Teacher,Author, Lecturer, Publisher, Musician, Entrepreneur, Artist,

Inventor and Investigator of the Paranormal, Metaphysical and Supernatural.

Tinateaches dowsing, divining, water witching and psychic development

usingdowsing rods, divining rods,pendulums, crystals, semi-precious gemstones,

auras,Chakras, meditation, Past Life Regression and more. She has also developed a line

of self-help charts on the Chakra, Tarot, Tea leaves, Palmistry, Numerology,

Astrology, Cartomancy, Graphology, Phrenology, Rocks & Gems, Trees, Smudging,

Aromas, Zodiac Signs ( Sun, Chinese and Native American)

and much more that she sells retail as well as wholesale.






Ask a Psychic Medium Blog

Rock of the Week Blog

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As a manufacturer we carry a wide variety of unique metaphysical wholesale items at

reasonable prices, including our copper dowsing rod and divining rods

selection for water dowsing, ornate dream catchers, beautiful fairies and

dragon figurine collectibles, hem incense and incense burners, and handmade jewelry

including chakra jewelry and featuring semi-precious stones.

Whether you’re here for aura cleansing or looking for a chakra chart for chakra healing,

in the market for pendulums or rainbow pride merchandise, or maybe just shopping for

novelty key chains with a metaphysical bend, we have what you’re looking for.


Just click and take your time, we have lots of neat stuff!


Ask a Psychic Medium Blog

Metaphysical, New Age and Paranormal Tools and Tips

Rock of the Week with C. Green


Looking for a teacher or someone to lecture at your event?

Check out "Who is C. Green?"

Who is C. Green?


Instead of driving to Cassadaga for classes, follow Rev. Tina's Blog.

This Blog has been started to teach people

how to use Metaphysical tools.

Eventually transforming in to psychic development.

Click here to get started!


Looking for someone to help you with a hunting?

Check out Ghostbumps.


We do Kirlian Photography

What is Kirlian Photography! Tina taking Kirlian Photo of Barry FitzGerald - GHI


Grant Wilson & Jason Hawes

We recently were vendors at TAPSCON a Taps family event.

We met many of the Taps Ghost Hunter members and

Ghost Hunters International members from the hit shows on Scifi.

We also met Konstantinos - paranormal researcher and author of several books,

Dave Schrader - DarknessRadio.com,

Patrick Burns - Hunting Evidence,

Alexandra Holzer - author of Growing Up Haunted,

and many more!

Check out the photos and see who we saw!


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